The Barefoot family includes experienced Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists. We have a dietician who also joins our team for eating clinics. A multidisciplinary team approach provides ‘best practice’ support for children and teenagers. Evidence suggests working in strong clinical teams leads to better outcomes.

Our range of individual and group programs have been designed to utilise evidence based practice and traditional interventions. We have a range unique services designed to meet your child’s specific strengths and interests. 

Our Philosophy is to provide clinical expertise, using child focused activities and in friendly environments, because best practice recommends working in the child’s natural environments will be most beneficial.



Occupational Therapists work with children on increasing independence in everyday activities. We assess and analyse where issues are arising and causing barriers, if they are physical, emotional, social or sensory. We can work with your family or your child individually to address functional difficulties. We use activities to focus on a child’s sensory responses, hand function, cognitive skills, motor skills and well-being to improve:

  • Self care; eating, dressing, toileting, teeth cleaning etc

  • Emotional and sensory regulation

  • Play, sport and hobbies

  • School and focused learning

  • Hand function and handwriting

  • Motivation and goal attainment

  • Settling, sleep and relaxation

  • Organising self and belongings

  • Relationships and friendships


Speech pathologists work in the areas of communication and swallowing disorders. Our Speech Pathologists support children to improve:

  • Developing and maintaining friendships

  • Conversational skills and understanding of social rules

  • Speech sounds – e.g. errors such as ‘wed’ for ‘red’ or ‘nake’ for ‘snake’

  • Language delays and disorders

  • Following instructions

  • Vocabulary and verbal language

  • Limited sentence structure, use of incorrect words or grammar

  • Sequencing ideas

  • Fussy eating, limited range of accepted foods, difficulty at mealtimes (including very slow mealtimes)

  • Literacy skills, spelling and reading skills

  • Stuttering


Our dietician Justine Thomas from JT Dietetics joins our Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist for our eating clinics. This assists families in assessing and planning appropriate nutrition whatever difficulties they are having with eating.



To talk to someone in our team or to book an appointment for any of our clinic or community based programs click here or call (03) 59811120.