We offer a range of social and skillbuilding sessions outside in the community and at our farm.

These opportunities allow children to work with experienced therapists but away from the pressures of clinics and schools. When activities are meaningful, children find it easier to engage in the therapeutic process and work towards their wider reaching goals.

Farm Program

We offer sessions with an Occupational Therapist trained in Equine Facilitated Learning who combines OT intervention using farm activities and working with horses. We have an equine team running sessions for children and parents. There are also chickens, goats and vocational farm work tasks which can be the cornerstone for therapy sessions while addressing social, motor, sensory, behavioural and processing issues affecting success in everyday goals.

We have a range of horses for all ages. From big to miniature we can find a horse for anyone to brush and learn to lead. Partners for the nervous and the brave. Our horses are all trained to be around children and to help them learn horsemanship skills and how to look after animals and socialise with them.


Meet the team

Ned the Horse.png

Steady Neddy our veteran Quarterhorse being trained by a parent

Ike with Goat

Ike barefoot with Nuzzle, the Goat

Sky the Goat

Sky, the Goat leading the way

Cherry the Horse

Cherry with a Superhero

Registered Miniature Horse – very cute and very cheeky


Goldie – Registered Miniature Horse

Smart and quick


Star – Our Little Pony

Sensitive and needs to be brave

Vashana and Rocky.png

Big Rocky – Appaloosa x Stock Horse

Funny and naughty


Dusty – Registered Arab x Quarterhorse

Moody, fussy and intelligent


Maverick and Holly


Did you know?

Horses without any horseshoes are considered ‘Barefoot Horses’ and as none of our horses ever wear shoes, these really are the Barefoot Therapists of the farm.