Footy skills

Barefoot Therapists football group is run by our Occupational Therapist Colleen and resident OTA/ football coach Luke at Main Ridge Football oval.

Utilising football as it’s vehicle this group is designed to help children develop their confidence, self-regulation, social & gross motor skills. Skills that can all be transferred from the footy field to the classroom, home & community setting.

Social skills
Utilising concepts from the ‘We Thinkers program’ an evidence based curriculum authored by Michelle Garcia et al. Barefoot football aims to help your child develop the social cognition required to participate in group settings. Including concepts such as expected vs. unexpected behaviours, following a group plan & body in the group. Along with good sportsmanship, turn taking as well as winning and losing.

Utilising concepts from the Zones of Regulation, an evidence based curriculum authored by Leah Kuypers, Barefoot football aims to help your child develop self- regulation skills. Identifying how their bodies and brains need to feel and look to learn, play and relax.

Gross motor skills
Football provides a fantastic opportunity for a range of gross motor movements. The drills and games will target core and shoulder strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, visual tracking, bilateral coordination and motor planning/ sequencing.

Confidence and managing anxiety
Sporting clubs and groups can be a daunting place when you don’t know what to expect or are still developing the skills to join in. Our small group provides a supportive safe environment for your child to develop the skills and confidence required to join local sporting teams.