A Multi-disciplinary Team Approach to fussy eating

This clinic is run by a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and a Dietitian.

The clinic is designed for children with a range of feeding difficulties including fussy eaters, children with difficulty self-feeding, children with limited/restricted diets, nutritional concerns or general mealtime difficulties.

What are the roles of each member of the team?


Speech Pathologist:

  • Determine children are swallowing safely and effectively (and implement modifications as necessary)

  • Set up strategies for positive family meal time environments

  • Help families modify the language used at meal times and with other involved parties

  • SOS approach to feeding

Occupational Therapist:

  • Determine correct positioning for eating and drinking

  • Assess and implement the use of modified cutlery, plates and bowls

  • Equipment recommendations such as specialised seating and tables

  • Behaviour management plans

  • SOS approach to feeding


  • Assessment to determine whether a child’s nutritional needs are being met with their current diet

  • Assessment of child’s current eating pattern

  • Determine if child is growing as expected with their current diet

  • Make recommendations where adequate nutrients are missing

Bookings and payment in advance required as spaces are limited.

Barefoot Therapists is a registered provider for NDIS, Better Start, FaHCSIA/Amaze, Helping Children with Autism and Medicare.

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