Building Friendships – construction focused social skills group

This afterschool program is aimed at participants who would benefit from working alongside others within a supportive group environment. The program will run by an Occupational Therapist and a qualified builder.

In the image of the super successful Men’s shed the Kid’s shed will provide an opportunity for kids to develop their social skills while working alongside others.

Children will have the opportunity to develop building skills in the form of small take home projects and larger group projects.

Participants will also be building a repertoire of self-regulation and social skills taught during the group site meeting and revisited in the reflection. During the session’s students will have real time opportunities to learn and practice self-regulation skills and social skill.


The group will run weekly after school at the Boneo Farm. Each week will follow a similar format on the “work site”. Students will be responsible members of the work site team and help maintain a safe work /play environment for all.

  • Group Work site meeting

  • Introductions and safety briefings

  • Focus social skill for the session

  • Project plans and role negotiations and allocation

  • Student will have the opportunity to be engaged in each role experiencing how to lead and follow, being a member of a group

  • Game and snack

  • Pack up and reflection