Barefoot on the Dancefloor – Integrative Dance Program

Link to Peninsula School of Dance:

Let’s get Barefoot on the Dancefloor at Peninsula School of Dance!

Are you looking for ways to..

  • Increase your child’s confidence

  • Develop their social and emotional skills

  • Assist their motor skills – balance, strength and coordination

  • Transfer therapy goals into real life settings

Rhythm Works is an integrative dance class being delivered by Peninsula School of Dance and ticks all those boxes!

Barefoot OT service is working closely with families to help them transition into the Dance School environment.

Peninsula School of Dance is a well-established dance studio with qualified teachers and strong commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for children of all abilities.

Barefoot on the Dancefloor is a 10-week program that aims to successfully transition your child and your family from our therapy rooms into the dance studio.

Transition to the dance studio

  • 2 in clinic transition occupational therapy sessions to support starting the dance program and to build the skills necessary to maintain attendance and inclusion

  • Occupational therapy support in the dance studio to focus on transition to practice

  • 1 private lesson with the Peninsula School of Dance to support transition to dance studio

  • 8 Rhythm Works dance classes

  • Optional participation in a Peninsula School of Dance concert (additional charges apply)

  • Ongoing support to your family to help overcome any barriers to your child’s participation in the dance class